Sentinel Marine

3 June 2019

Award for Sentinel Marine's Sergejs Scerbina

Sentinel Marine's Sergejs Scerbina, former student at the Scottish Maritime Academy, was one of the deserving winners at the 2018-19 North East Scotland College Student Achievement Award Ceremony. Held at Aberdeen City Campus on May 30, he was nominated by the Academy tutors for his enthusiasm and commitment.

Since joining the team at Sentinel Marine, Sergej has completed trips on board the multi-role emergency response and rescue vessels Scotian Sentinel and Portland Sentinel where he made an excellent impression with fellow crew members.

Sentinel Marine crewing manager Natalie Fitzpatrick said: “We knew as soon as we interviewed Sergej and got feedback from his tutors that he would be an excellent fit for us. We look for crew who are reliable, diligent and committed – and he has more than demonstrated that on his first trips with our fleet.

“Indeed, the Master on board Portland Sentinel said that Sergej overtook all expectations and would be a very good asset going forward. We look forward to working with Sergej to develop his very promising career and congratulate him on this achievement award from NESCOL.”

Sergej undertook the course in a language which was not his native tongue and, in addition, had to cope with the Doric dialect in many classes. His enthusiasm for the subject was exemplary and he located free apps to aid his learning and improve his understanding of all things nautical such as knots, lights and buoys, cardinal marks. Many of these were new to lecturers.

Sergej was one of the first students from his class to be offered a job and still has a clear focus on becoming a captain one day. Centre Manager Linda Hope added: “Sergejs’s commitment to the course was exemplary and he came in each day with lots of questions for tutors following the previous evening's research. We wish him well in his career at sea and I am sure he will soon be back at SMA to add to his certificates.”


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