Sentinel Marine


Second Engineer

Reports to:

Chief Engineer.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

To be medically fit, competent, qualified in accordance with international standards to S.T.C.W., or other pertinent regulations including the Company's own requirements, and be fully conversant with the S.M.S.

Responsible for engine room operations in the absence of the appointed Chief Engineer.

Responsible for management and maintenance of the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) on board as instructed by the Chief Engineer.

Stands engine room watch as per agreed watch rotation.

Ensures that either he or the Chief Engineer is on board at all times, and that he is aware when the Chief Engineer is away from the vessel.

Ensures safe and efficient watch keeping practises are carried out in the engine room and machinery spaces to the Chief Engineer satisfaction. See note.

Assists with the loading/discharging of fuel oil, lubricating oil, water and liquid as well as dry bulk cargo as delegated by the Chief Engineer.

Assists with the maintenance of records of fuel, potable water and lubricants remaining on board.

Maintains accurately engine room Log Book, Oil Record Book, and other departmental records.

Prepares a hand over report, for the relieving Second Engineer and discusses details.

Execute measures to prevent and/or reduce pollution to the environment.


Chief Engineer's Standing Orders shall be in place in the Engine Room.

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