Sentinel Marine



Reports to:

The Ship's Master.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

To be medically fit, competent, qualified in accordance with international standards to S.T.C.W., or other pertinent regulations including the Company's own requirements, and be fully conversant with the S.M.S.

Responsible for the daily provisions of adequate meals.

Responsible for requisition of provisions under supervision of the Master.

Prepares various meals, namely breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Inspects the quality and quantity of the delivered provisions

Supervises the provisions with respect to consequent storage and consumption of these.

Keeps the galley, messroom, dry store room and cool/refrigerated rooms clean and tidy

Set and cleans the tables, cleans the dishes, etc.

Provide the master with a monthly list of provisions required within the set budget.

Looks after and keeps up with the vessels' laundry either on board or through a laundry service ashore.

Keeps the guest meal forms when passengers are on board and hands over to the Master after completion.

Performs any other duties or responsibilities as directed by the Master.

In the event the vessel is in a continuous operation (anchor handling etc.) he shall ensure that there is sufficient food beyond normal meal times available to the staff.

Prepares a hand over report for the relieving cook and discusses details.

Executes measures to prevent and/or reduce pollution to the environment.

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