Sentinel Marine


To be recognised as an operator of quality offshore support vessels, providing a safe and reliable offshore marine service at all times.


The culture we aspire to is one where safety issues and potential hazards in the shipboard environment are paramount. We believe in fulfilling tasks right, each and every time. Our staff, whether at sea or ashore, will adopt this mindset. By fostering the attitude that safety comes first, we will ensure that our performance, whether for ourselves or our clients, is done in the safest manner possible.


Providing a reliable service pervades all situations where our crew, vessels and staff ashore interact with our stakeholders. We strive to provide a disruption-free service to our Clients in the oil and gas marine industry. Our aim for dependability guides how we plan our service, which positively impacts our work processes.


A significant hallmark of Sentinel Marine is our commitment to honesty, which defines how we conduct ourselves both within the company and with those we have dealings with in the industry (or, with our counterparts in the industry). Our belief in sincerity dictates how we relate to our business partners. Equally, we value loyal staff who display integrity in the way they operate.


Our committed team ensure Sentinel Marine will provide a safe and reliable marine service, at sea and ashore.


We are always seeking talented and passionate individuals to further strengthen our team.