Sentinel Marine

2 October 2017

Sentinel Marine First in Sector to Gain Accreditation

In an industry first, Sentinel Marine is pleased to announce that it has been awarded accreditation by DNV to the new ISO 9001 2015 and ISO 14001 2015 standards. Sentinel Marine is the only company in the sector accredited to both new standards.

The accreditation was led by Martin Peters, QHSE Manager at Sentinel Marine. He explains, “The new 2015 standards for 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environmental) reflect the increasingly complex environments in which Sentinel Marine operates, ensuring quality and environmental management remain at the heart of the business.

“These new standards will provide a constant framework for the next ten years, and will more accurately reflect the needs of our employees, customers and other stakeholders, while improving performance across the organisation.”

Sentinel Marine transitioned to the new 2015 standards ahead of the 2018 deadline in order to minimise the transition period and reduce the risk of non-conformance. The new standards will improve Sentinel Marine’s performance, aligning with the company’s business strategies and placing more emphasis on risk and opportunity management. This enables Sentinel Marine to identify risks and opportunities more effectively, improving operational efficiency, reducing duplication, and saving both time and money.

CEO Rory Deans adds, “We are extremely proud of the award of these new standards. By taking a leading and innovative approach to both quality and environmental management, we can ensure that our customers and stakeholders are receiving great value for money.”


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