Sentinel Marine

19 October 2015

Portland Sentinel - SK 97 - Transfer From Yard To Barge

Monday 19th of October, approx. time 7:30, Portland Sentinel was moved to a quay side berth, in floating condition, at Cosco Dalian main yard. Within this week remaining two blocks (W/H and funnel blocks) will be erected and machinery/electrical/outfitting/piping jobs will continue.

23:30 Vessel on the barge. The barge is on her submerging position:

- Shipyard staff transferring from TUG boat to barge for final checking and launching survey.

-00:00 Final checking completed. Workers going on-board of Portland Sentinel for launching survey. Barge ready to be ballasted for submerging:

- 4:00 AM Barge submerging operation completed. Portland Sentinel is in floating condition for the 1’st time:

- 4:30 AM Towing operation started:

- Vessel along quay side


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