Sentinel Marine


Second Officer

Reports to:

The Ships Master

For general deck department duties, including cargo operations, the Second Officer reports to the Chief Officer.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

To be medically fit, competent, qualified in accordance with international standards to S.T.C.W., or other pertinent regulations including the Company's own requirements, and be fully conversant with the S.M.S.

Responsible for his own watch and delegated tasks as directed by the Chief Officer/Master.

Execute cargo calculations in consultations with Chief Officer, based on ullage, deadweight scale and the equipment on board to determine trim and stability in port and while handling cargo on location.

To supervise loading, unloading in consultation with Chief Officer.

To stand navigation, port and anchor watches as per watch rotation agreed on.

To compose and execute a Passage Plan.

To maintain the Chief Officers Log Book and other documentation as directed

For the care and upkeep of all Nautical Publications supplied by the Company and for collecting and keeping up-to-date all warnings and notices published or broadcast by the Hydrographer of the Navy or the responsible regional authority.

To supervise safety and vessel familiarisation for all ships personnel, new to the vessel.

To prepare a hand over report for the relieving Second Officer and discuss details

Execute measures to prevent and/or reduce pollution to the environment.

To inspect and report anomalies in equipment contained within the Safety Equipment Record Book as dictated by the Chief Officer

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