Sentinel Marine


Deck Rating

Reports to:

The Ships Master

For general deck department duties, the Deck Rating reports to the Chief Officer or Second Officer.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

To be medically fit, competent, qualified in accordance with international standards to S.T.C.W., or other pertinent regulations including the Company's own requirements, and be fully conversant with the S.M.S.

Assists during loading-unloading of cargo, mooring and unmooring.

Calls duty under a platform/rig during loading/unloading cargo, connect/disconnect hoses for water, fuel, mud and brine, etc.

Assists during anchor handling/towing operation.

Stands navigation watch (during which he acts as look-out or helmsman) port and anchor watch, as per watch rotation agreed on.

Monitors during stand by/anchor watches on the bridge the communication working frequency as well as emergency/distress bulletins and informs the Master or Chief Officer immediately as necessary.

Assists in general housekeeping.

Assists in oiling/greasing of running equipment e.g. winches etc.

Assists in chipping and painting.

Keeps the deck store and boatswains locker in order and in a tidy manner.

Performs any other duties or carries out any other responsibilities as directed by the Master or Chief Officer.

Executes measures to prevent and/or reduce pollution to the environment.

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